Thursday, July 1, 2010

Baby to Man

29th June, saw me at my emotional best (or worst). The heart surged like never before and it was tough to keep the tears in check. It's been a long journey and it does seem like I am stuck in a time warp.....Manoj, my oldest child, a football fanatic and a living, breathing, walking, talking encyclopedia on the Beatles, turned 21. I guess it is a good training ground for the time when my girls get into this phase of transition......but for now, I am amazed at the level of my vulnerability and the roller coaster ride I am having with my emotions. Wrote this for him hoping to soothe myself!!

The years,
They slowly crept by
Day after day
Season after season
The highs and lows
Of the tides
That saw the Moon
Turning from new to full
And full to new
The cycle of life
And in time, you turned
From Baby to Man

Born not of my womb
But my heart
You were the first
Hence will always
Hold that special place
It was not you
That made me prove
My fecundity
To the world
You nursed not
Of my breasts
So how do I explain
The enslavement
That snatching away of freedom
That took place
The instant
The very instant
You wrapped
Your chubby little hands
Around me
The little beads of sweat
That formed on your upper lip
Wet my neck
And your innocent little breaths
Oh so softly
Brushed its nape

Funny though
That I who cherished
My liberty
Did not complain
I am aware that
Like most loved ones
I gave you the right
To hurt me
In more ways than one
Things will not be the same
The passing moments have
Wiped away some
That I took for granted
And I wish in vain
That time stood still

But you are twenty one
At the threshold of life
Waiting to unlock your potential
And change is here to stay
As you go forth
Know that I will
Always cherish the times
I had with you
Hope there will be a gazillion more
You will always have
My love, prayers and blessings

Even though you may not need it
If ever such a time comes
I will be there
To hold your hand and walk
Through the tough times
With you
Just my way
Of thanking the Universe
And your parents
For weaving your life
With mine
And making you
An inextricable part
Of me.....