Thursday, December 31, 2009

Resolutions Again

Old habits die hard and there are certain lessons one never learns. Or perhaps one does not wish to. After all they are somehow connected to the matters of the heart. Anyways, I am back a year later in my reindeer print PJs and ready to pen down my resolutions for the New Year. Last year's resolution did not go down the drain....still a work in progress I assure myself.

2009 is on its last legs and 2010 is waiting in the wings. As I sit and write, I can hear the revelry outside. The DJ at the Woodrose Club has really pumped up the volume and I can hear the popular Hindi film ditties that are traversing the air waves. Earlier in the evening I was told that by the time he is through, the dance floor would break. That was his famed notoriety!!

The house is quiet and almost like an empty shell. Every member of my large family is away in some other city except for the daughters. My babies are asleep and so is my Aunt (dear Kusum Bojawa) who is visiting along with Boogie her little old Dog. I tried to get drunk and fixed myself a stiff one but hey it was a failed attempt. So here I wait for the clock to strike the midnight hour. Will then light the lamp, say a little prayer and head for my babies under the covers. The toddler's snore and warm breath is very calming. When she grows up I must tell Tamanna that it was she who breathed the lullabies to me. And Aarzoo's long limbs come out of nowhere and land on me. She has healing hands that one....its been a blessed decade with the arrival of the girls.

So it is about time I took a good hard look at the life that I have lived so far. And in doing so have decided that "Shut up and Listen" is going to be my New Year resolution. So here's to a new me......