Sunday, June 28, 2009


"Making millions of friends is not a miracle
Miracle is to make such a friend who will stand by you
When millions stand against you"

A message from Rupan sent on the 28th of January 2009. It was one of those messages that I did not delete from my Inbox.

It probably must have come as a cheesy forward to her in the morning and she quickly shared it with me. But the thing is that in all the years that we have known each other (and we have packed in quite some), she has lived by this diktat. It is something that she actually stood by when it came to me.

So in my list of "been there done that" I think I can add "created miracle". All thanks to a certain Ms. Rupan Bedi......

And the next day the woman sends me the following message -

"Dear GOD,

Touch the people I care for.

Keep them safe and happy.

Give them love and good health

Bless them


the ONE reading this message."

The person sending it meant every word and that to me is the biggest blessing.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Instinct vs Logic

I have a problem with logic; yeah go ahead and make snide remarks about women and logic! But hope you will hear me out.

If you speak of instinct well then now you are talking and I am a firm believer of this little niggler which watches out for most of us. Where logic is concerned, I tend to treat it more like I would my child. Let me explain.......instinct to me is more me more something that was born with me so it is more a part of me that I can trust and rely on. But logic is a different matter altogether. It reeks of potential in the future and as a woman I would say that it is to me the same as the potential to bear a child.

Women and instinct and I think - Calpurnia. Have not done much Shakespeare, so I hope I got it right.

Logic - yes at workplace

Loads of people I have met who keep referring to logic to disrupt proceedings

Many a time logic stops you from actually listening to a person and assimilating the information he/she is providing. Instead you are listening to the conversation that is going on in your head with yourself. Which is fine if you are at the workplace and at your workstation when it is important for you to challenge yourself in order to ensure that the project/report/paper or whatever it is you are working on meets the deadline......

But when you are having a dialogue with another person, a physical entity, then surely it is disrespectful to say the least if one does not listen to the other's point of view.

I found this draft while looking through my blog. This was dated last August 28, 2008, so I am not even sure if I wrote it. But hey I second these thoughts and this was in my draft list, so what the hell.....

In case you who is reading this at this point is the one who wrote it, then by all means take credit love.....

If it is indeed I who wrote it then I am darned sure that I had more to add but as my fingers pummel the keys into words, I have no idea what it was that I wanted to say. But I hope what is said would suffice and that it says it all......

Friday, June 26, 2009

Inbox 100% full

The inbox of my cell is constantly getting jammed and I should have had the good sense to delete all the old messages. But no I had to hang on to them like they were the family heirlooms!!

The wise old timers; they are right as always - old habits do indeed die hard. For the longest time I remember collecting the wrappers of gifts received on birthdays, special occasions and even rotten dates for crying out loud!! Then there were the diaries, the clothes, the news clippings, the candy wrappers, yes candy wrappers, ticket stubs of dates at the movies, a train ride, Aarzoo's first boarding pass......and a gazillion other things were squirreled away. For what? I don't know. Really cannot answer that question without honestly admitting that I am a really pathetic and emotional basketcase!!

Well that was forcibly cured when we had to move to Bombay. And Baba, in his infinite wisdom asked me if I wanted a home for my family or my furniture? That was it, out went the heirlooms by the truck loads. Cochin and its huge homes can be really spoiling. In comparison, the multi-storeyed flats in Bombay would seem like tree houses or in most cases doll houses.

But coming back to the Inbox of my cell which warned me at least 20 times in a day that it was 100% full. This meant that I had to delete some messages. That was a hard task. No, could not, absolutely could not delete those from the son....even if all they conveyed that he would be late coming home as he was either playing football or jamming with his friends or attending a birthday party!! Not those from the Boss who is the icon of all night owls; his messages conveyed the chores for the workday ahead. Did I mention that he worked through the night? And ensured that we slaved through the day! The ones that encouraged me to check out my future life / love / partner etc. were easier to delete as even I knew it to be pure bunkum. Then there were those that told me to send / download the popular songs / ring tones. DELETE. No doubt about that.

But then there does come a time when one has to let go - the son off the apron strings and the to do list from the Boss is completed. No other option for the latter unless you wanted to get the BOOT on the BUTT. So those messages got deleted too. The ones that reminded you of bills to be paid went once you got your pay cheque and did the needful. Then what was it that jammed the damn Inbox?

Well here I am sitting through the night sifting through the messages and realizing that I am not fully cured of my emotional "basket caseness". Yes the son's, the boss and the hubby messages were all there and did get deleted from time to time but there was also this huge pile which grew over time. I could never bring myself to delete these. After all these were which came at the lowest ebbs from that very special person who just knew that you had to gain from this ancient wisdom, corny though some of it may be. This person who knew that you needed that smile that laugh to get you through the day. It came with the Good Morning wish across the miles, over the Vindhyas headed south on the sub-continent and made sure it brought a smile onto the face of the reader - me.

I guess that Supreme Power that guides me through life on Earth, gave me this Soul Sister for a very special reason. And I just could not hit the delete button. Instead I found a new storage space. Infinite and fast unfolding its secrets to millions. My very own space under the cyber sun.........

So here they are.....not hidden away in the Inbox. Its time they outed....corny, wise, silly, school girl autographish, whatever...some of these "heirlooms" still brought joy on the cloudiest of days. And on other days, they reminded me to count my blessings for the warmth and love of my loved ones. Thank you Rupan!

When we walk alone, we wish that we could reach the end of the road.
But when we walk with friends, we wish that the road never ends.....

I asked God to give me everything so that I can enjoy life
God replied: I have given you Life to enjoy everything!
So enjoy LIFE....

Friendship is the rainbow between two hearts
Sharing seven feelings
And most important

Every morning has a new beginning
A new blessing
A new Hope
And its a perfect day
Because it is God's gift
Have a blessed, hopeful perfect day

A Honest smile from a smiling heart
Crossing many kilometres
Has just reached
Wishing you a life
Full of SMILES

Just got a great health tip!!
There's no reason to fear
It's the eggs that expire...
Not the hen!!

One stone is enough to break a glass
One sentence enough to break a Heart
One second enough to fall in love
One SMS enough to keep relations in touch!!

A sunset here is a sunrise on the other end of the world.
Never give up because what appears to be the end
May actually be a new beginning

Friendship is a collection of hearts
Ready to forgive and understand
It never fades and never ends
It only reminds us life is not perfect
Without a good friend

Friends are like streetlights along the road
They don't make the distance any shorter
But they
Light up the path
Make the walk worthwhile

If you wait for happy moments
You will wait forever
But if you start believing
That you are happy
You will be
Happy Forever

Life is not an iPod
To listen to your
Favourite songs
It's a radio
You must adjust yourself
To every frequency
Enjoy whatever comes in it!!

There are more, many more. But I guess I will let them be for a little longer. Moving is a lot of effort. When you move house, the Packers and Movers are there to help you - dime a dozen. But emotional baggage; that is a totally different pie to bake dearies.