Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Romance of Want

Population explosion played a very significant role in my life too. The genesis of this lies in the fact that my parents (read Father), decided on only one kid, as their solution to the burgeoning population!! But I digress.....

The summer of ’89 was a kind of turning point in my life. I turned 18 in July, that year. I am aware that this age is special for most of us, but to me it marked the planting of a seed of want that was to remain and grow within. It continues to do so, to this day. I prayed and prayed and prayed for my heart’s desire for atleast ten years after. And yes it hurts like “Billy O”!!

I still send petitions in all directions now and then. But the Power that is, does not seem to hear. And I blame it on the Homo sapiens that have taken over the planet. With the numbers running into billions, the Power is bound to get stressed out and goof up a little. “A little!!” you may exclaim given the botched up lives a whole lot of our brethren lead.

Maybe, the Power did not plan for that many of them. Or maybe, somewhere along the way, the Power forgot to pull out the “Rabbity DNA” and is now paying the price for over production. Everything is part of the larger PLAN!! It has been scripted and planned to the littlest detail, so says vox populi. Wonder if the person who made the plan, if there is such a person, should have been put in charge in the first place. I mean if this person is the CEO of the Universe, I am sure there is a support staff; administrative in function at the very least. As I see it, the war between the CEO and the erstwhile Number 2, who according to a handful of so called wise men claiming to be in the know, resides in the netherworld, is reaching holocaust proportions. (For each of you who confuse netherworld with Netherlands, I convey due apologies to my Dutch brethren. Especially Marlen, Guus, Sandra, Anouke, Hanna, Evelyne......).

Coming back to what I was saying, in order to stem the damage that the war is causing the favourite creation, Planet Earth, head honcho CEO is getting bogged down and is receiving no quality support from the celestial staff. The less said about those appointed to take care of matters on Earth, the better. Be that as it may, I got the bite out and two of my best friends got what I prayed for. Bummer!! That’s the script that the Universe handed out to me.

Or maybe that is the power of prayer. I prayed so hard and for so long, that the best that I wanted went to, not one but two wonderful women. Now this is where the above mentioned population explosion comes into effect. Even answers to prayers have to be apportioned if possible. Maximum utilization of available resources and all that jazz. Who cares if the answers to those fervent words, were given to those who had not asked in the first place? You just got to get those piles of petitions off the desk!!

However, that does not stop me from wishing, wondering and getting all misty eyed. As pointed out earlier, this is another case of negligence in circuitry by the Supreme Planner. This is what I call, the “Romance of want”. Like all romances, it needs a lot of work. It gnaws and aches from within. But that’s the baby I am left holding.

Laugh out loud folks.