Thursday, April 24, 2008


Life as I know it

Is none the same

From the perspective

Of others

Yet they say

Each of us is unique

Each special in her own way

So where do the roads lead

Each path tread

Is different from the other


As the journey unfolds

Pain, tears, violence, abuse, debasement

With words and gestures

Within and without the

Confines of home

As women we see this

In one form or the other

No where to turn

And when courage


No support

The uniform every bit the

Monster of a dreadful


Yet a kindly and kindred soul

Keeps the flame burning

Walking a few steps too many

Towards the path

Seeking justice and reprieve


The Judge impartial and unbiased

Or so he is supposed to be

Looks at the petition in disdain

And no different from others

Banishes her back into

The feudal castle

Of pain

An excruciating death sentence

Of Life!


Years ago when I was in the Mills & Boon and other pulp romantic fiction phase of reading, I picked up these words which are a constant source of strength and assurance for me whenever I think of the loved ones I have lost along life's journey.........

People don't die
Don't really die
If loved ones
Left behind
Think of them
Once in a while........

These lines give meaning to the phrase "passed on"; in that it makes me believe they are away somewhere among the stars that shine bright in the heavens and galaxies above.

So Ammachi, Appan, Avaya, Daadima, Umesh Bojappa, Achamma, Naanima, Papa, Chachaji, Achachan, Ammu, Baba............for the days that I may not think of you (though they are few) this tribute is to ensure that you continue to be among brightest shining stars

Love you and miss you