Friday, November 14, 2014


Abhasa Jewellery is a very special range for me. Handcrafted Jewellery, created by my friend Ujju (Ujwala Adivrekar-Iyer) in Dubai.

I was delighted to catch her at one of her exhibitions and see her collection in their splendid glory. To my mind, nothing can ever match the joy and love that she brings to her relationships or the power of her creative self. Standing there, looking at the pieces, holding them, trying them on and feeling them come alive in my hands in a sense, I was inspired by her creations and wrote these lines......

The Artist at the Numaish Exhibition, Dubai

Ujju this is for you.......a tribute to your creations. They did speak to me.....


Beads of myriad hue
Enmeshed with metals bold
The softer whispers
Powered with embellishment
Speaking in hushed tones
Urging you
To step out 
And Supreme in Shakti

A slice of life in a miniature
That hangs as a pendant
For you to make 
A statement 
Or ponder upon
If you so wish

Fear not,
For in the colours that
You lay
Upon yourself
May bring to you
The true self
The hues, tempered or loud
May yet share a secret
Never heard!!