Saturday, February 26, 2011


The life breath
Ticks away
Waiting patiently
In the abyss
Of time

Is it aware
It will float
Into eternity
When the words
Are whispered
Into the

[Note: Image courtesy Google Images -
Christ of the Abyss]

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hearts & Knives

Knifing my heart,
You have fine tuned it
Into a perfect art.

Is it as easy as it seems?
You know I have nothing,
If I don't have you....
What made me give you
The Power,
To break down my walls
I will never know

You are the only one,
I ever really made
The connection with.
It's a love,
That's been through lifetimes
And will be into eternity!
But why is it that
Only I feel so?

How much longer,
Will I have to wait
For you to come by
And mend the wounds, caused
By your knife?!

[Image Courtesy: Google
& Road to Eternity from]