Monday, May 25, 2009

A Thousand Hits...

Nothing but some kind of depraved vanity led me to put the hits counter onto my blog. This coupled with dollops of low self esteem issues on my writing skills and it was quite a confusing time when I decided to see how many of the millions of people in cyber space would be interested in what I have to say. I must say visions of each entry being a best seller and publishers queuing up outside my door and the millions I would make did cross my mind. I also spent the millions by the way!!!!

Anyway the reason why I am going on and on like a hyperventilating rabbit is the fact that I happened to see the counter a couple of minutes ago and saw the magic number - 1000!! Yippeeeeeee

Thanks everyone.....its worth more that the millions I spent in my dreams. And you got it, that is the extent of my creativity and imagination folks.....nothing short of raking in the millions which is my next target on the hits counter of my dreams!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mixed up family

This entry is a few months behind schedule and is dedicated to Shalini Froiland who gently kicked my butt to ensure that I woke up from the lazy stupor I had gotten into....

"Mummy, I know Runa Aunty's full name", was how the conversation began.

"Oh really! What is it?", I responded

Aarzoo : I know all the full names. I'll tell?

Me : Tell

A : Runa Banerjee, Samrat Banerjee and Aditya Banerjee.

(Sam is Parag's colleague and over time he, his wife Runa and son Aditya, have grown into family)

A: Everybody is Banerjee, like Shitiz Banerjee

(Shitiz & Aarzoo were best friends when we were neighbours. He lived across the corridor in Flat No. 1308 and we lived in 1306. Runa lives in the same complex but in Flat No. 1306 of another building. We too moved into another building and live in Flat 404)

A : Everybody in 1306 & 1308 are Banerjee. Only 404 is only Sen.....

M : No Aarzoo, Sen & Devaya

A : Yes, I know. This is a mixed up family. Even the languages are mixed up; Bengali, Malayali, Hindi.......

My daughter's take on the linguistic & cultural diversity of our family had me laughing till my sides ached.