Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Nomad's Home

I was a nomad
Even before I became this body
A result of the union of two souls
That met
In the high mountain ranges
Of the mighty Himalayas
A long way from the place
That once served as their individual cocoons

Conceived in the plains
Birthed in an ancient land
Of universal learning, scriptures and spirituality
And the journey began
One with no particular destination
Or so it seemed

The wilderness was familiar territory
Swimming across the choppy ocean waters
Was no big deal
Enclosed spaces meant nothing to me
Did not make me feel secure
For it was in them that I was violated
Neither threatened
For when innocence is taken nothing more is left to be
Surviving was easy
Yet the turbulence ran deep

Home was just another word
In the dictionary
Till the day you walked in
Through the door
Ambling in with the gait
Of one who could easily
Break down the walls
Of the fortress round my heart
And then the moment came to pass
That I sat next to you
And rested my head on your shoulder!!

1. Tibet Nomachi Nomads in Nagchu - photo courtesy - Google images - anjalidsouza.blogspot.com
2. Tuareg Nomads with Camels in Sand Dunes of Sahara Desert, Arakou - photo courtesy - Google images - art-posters-prints.posteravatar.com
3. Otterly adorable - photo courtesy - Google images