Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Window

On my bed
I gaze out the window
Square with venetian blinds,
Giving a glimpse
Of the sky and the clouds
Playing catch
The trees swaying
Beckon as did my playmates
It feels like
Playing peek-a-boo
With the world outside

The vehicles
With their occupants
Ply by
In a hurry
Oblivious to lives
Hanging by the thread
And hooked to
Machines and tubes
Pressure and Pulse Monitors
To stay alive!

Life has its way
Of teaching
And testing
Dare I look within
I will find
Myself reflected
On the other side
Of the window....
Plying by


Kusum Achia said...

Liked the last stanza a lot

Muthu said...

Thank you Awwa......those lines were a last minute addition!